The Wright Stuff!

In an Orkus [German] Magazine telephone interview in 1998, McCoy announced his future plans to collaborate under two separate names, Fields of the Nephilim [along with the Wright brothers and Tony Pettitt] and The Nephilim [an altered spelling of McCoy’s solo project].

According to different original band members, they were rehearsing and writing the next Fields of the Nephilim album [with the exception of Yates only]. However, the long awaited reunion of the original band line-up never happened.

In 2001, Nod and Paul Wright went on and formed a new band, Last Rites; the reunification never transpired, I don’t know why, I can only guess.

The loss of the Wright brothers was a terrible shame. The brothers brought something so important to the FOTN, the sound they helped to create was incredible. I have never heard anyone play drums quite like Nod [Tré Cool from Green Day comes closest], his drum work was just brilliant and Paul‘s guitar work was phenomenal.

I kind of knew that this was the beginning of the end for the Fields; that there was no way back without these two talented musicians. When I listen [which I no longer do] to the absolutely dire drumming on Mourning Sun [Nod must feel quite smug about that!] I am quite sad. I wanted to love this album but it lacked something vital, it had no pulse; its sound was dead.

You see, the Wright brothers WERE [and are] the Fields Of The Nephilim, and Mr McCoy, it should have been band before self! I am a bit pissed at McCoy about this and about his churlish proclamation that he was the Nephilim! Seriously? The band name may have been his idea, but they were all the Fields Of The Nephilim, it was never going to work without the other fabulous musicians on board as Mourning Sun has clearly illustrated!

As for proclamations: McCoy has said in past interviews that the FOTN “are dead”, that he’d “never use the name again” yet he did! He said goth culture was holding him back, and “performing in a sea of black” made him feel “dead inside” and then, what does he do…he poses in his granny’s hat and veil [looking utterly ridiculous; someone should have shot the fucking photographer who arranged this!] all goth [and Carly McCoy] looking!! It’s selling yourself out! It’s also very hypocritical.

Yes, this website is mainly about McCoy, I don’t apologise for that, I like his mystique, he’s easy on the eye and meeting His Aloofness left quite an impression because he was very cute and very shy and very courteous! But now I am older I can also see through him, he is a little more transparent than he thinks he is. Yes, he has an amazing vocal, he writes almost biblically epic lyrics and he does indeed have a certain charisma but he does not appear to accept that maybe he’s sometimes wrong, I think being the emotional type of perfectionist and artist that he is that he thinks every decision he makes is the right one; there is no middle ground.

Despite any tensions or ill tempered situations that existed, I feel he could have compromised a bit, obviously I don’t know the whole story behind the bad feeling but letting Nod and Paul go was a huge mistake, they [all of them] should have; in the words of Jack Sparrow, parleyed! It would have been fabulous for McCoy to continue as FOTN with the original line-up [minus Wisker] and for him to also have Nefilim as his solo project, what an impressive thing that could have been; I love McCoy’s work on Zoon, to have both would have been brilliant!

When I listen to Dust, Preacher Man, Psychonaut and [Albums] Dawnrazor, The Nephilim, Elizium and hear that wonderful rich sound coming from these fabulous musicians I am transported back there to the 80’s and early 90’s, I am reliving those gigs and those memories. It only works with the original band [minus Wisker].

When I see on various page mentions of “Former Members” and Nod and Paul are there in that list, it’s sad. I wish, when I met them that I also took the time to speak to Nod and Paul, even for a brief few seconds, just to let them know that THEY were important too, that it wasn’t all about their enigmatic vocalist.

Nod being Nod! The fabulous Wright brothers with Carl McCoy
Nod being Nod! With McCoy
Paul with McCoy