The Real McCoy?

I’ve been watching you control me

Carl McCoy a man who shrouds himself from his public in heaps of dry ice, contacts lenses, shades and wonderful western style flat-brimmed hats. But, who is the real McCoy?

Is there a reason why Carl McCoy appears to be such an enigmatic and detached character who prefers to keep his own counsel? I think, to try to answer that we must look at his background, his parents, particularly his mother and their/her religious leanings and the way her son was raised.

He doesn’t speak of his parents much, but when he does he speaks with some degree of kindness about his father but with some resentment about his mother and, in particular, the way she raised him.

when I was a child we never celebrated Christmas or birthdays at home because my mother belonged to a very strange religious alliance [Quakers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and members of the Churches of Christ don’t celebrate these holidays in the belief that these customs have pagan origins – Site Author] which has forbidden those festivities. I had to play act in front of my classmates that I had a very good Christmas.

This is very sad to read and sadly too commonplace in religion!

In the above statement by McCoy, we see that religion is the trauma here. Some faiths raise children to believe that human beings are depraved. They teach their young using fear, sometimes with the help of text from books such as the bible or from macabre images of hell and demons trying to possess humankind. Their religion is all about fear.

I am of the belief that what the young McCoy experienced was a form of child abuse [child abuse can manifest itself in different ways and can be psychological as well as/or physical], the child does not need to be physically harmed for the damage to occur.

The impact on McCoy is there for all to see [or not, as he would prefer!] It should come as no surprise that he holds onto his material [choosing when it is published], acts reclusive, squirrels away his music and art or wants to remain a private person, it is McCoy being in control. It should also come as no surprise that he chose to study the occult and wears pagan jewellery, again this is McCoy taking control of his life himself. McCoy could also possibly suffer from a form of PTSD as a result of his strict religious upbringing.

He appears to try to exorcise his past in Chord Of Souls; a song where he deals with his association to Christianity in a decisive critical manner, his voice raging…spitting venom he cries out –

and I hate your country
and I hate your world
I hate your Gods people who breed on earth
over to the other side
I’m caught stepping out
over to the other side
I’m gonna recreate a religious experience
to tear my fucking heart out

The domineering matriarch: The love of a mother is not always unconditional, sometimes this type of love leads to pain, it can also lead to many complex conditions that have long lasting psychological effects because the children of controlling parents have to carry the burden of this harmful and toxic relationship through to adulthood.

His devotees need to understand the reasons why he can sometimes be very frustrating! Just be happy that he shares a part of himself with us and be grateful for that.

Chord Of Souls Live – BA 1990 I attended this gig, he was really wild that night!

This is only conjecture; how I see things, I could be completely wrong!