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Psychonaut and Alchemy – The Messages Within

Many musicians have imbued their recordings not only with a message of spirituality, but with ritual and magic itself. Perhaps the most basic technique is the use of rhythm. A simple heartbeat rhythm is often used in ritual circles to induce visionary trance states.

The use of bewildering vocals and the idea of being possessed by or of channeling some spirit while singing is common throughout the religions of the world. The practice of speaking in tongues by practitioners, often represents a union with the divine spirit. From this magical languages are created, such as Enochian [Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley] or the Ouranian Barbaric, created by chaos magician Peter Carroll.

Carroll said that he created it because he “liked the sound of Enochian, I wanted to demonstrate that an arbitrary magical language works just as well as one with a supposedly mysterious history.”

Aleister Crowley, who used various ancient languages for magical effect, once wrote, “It may be conceded in any case that the long strings of formidable words which roar and moan through so many conjurations have a real effect in exalting the consciousness of the magician to the proper pitch — that they should do so is no more extraordinary than music of any kind should do so.

While some singers use pulsing beats and speaking in tongues to open the doorway to another realm, others [Mr McCoy!] have used ancient languages and chants to achieve similar ends.

Carl McCoy implanted an ancient Sumerian chant into one of the band’s most powerful songs, Psychonaut. In it, he repeats the phrase, zi dingir kia kanpa, zi dingir anna kanpa, which translates as spirit, god of the earth, remember; spirit, god of the sky, remember. Even if some of us [you] don’t know what we’re [you’re] singing when we sing along, we may well be helping to work an invocation of significant proportions. McCoy’s lyrics are traditionally imbued with mythological references, including that of the Watchers or Nephilim – angelic beings who came to Earth out of lust for human women, Lovecraft deities like Cthulhu an undersea creature and sea demons like Leviathan. In Psychonaut he pleads directly to Leviathan, saying, “And you deserve us, Leviathan.” When he sings about these ancient gods, he is bringing them closer to our reality; he invokes them, and so do we when we sing along with him.

In Psychonaut, Carl’s vocals combine the ancient Sumerian language with Biblical mythology. In ritual, once a deity is invoked, the ceremony begins. Fields of the Nephilim’s music is filled with such magical structures; Psychonaut is absolutely full of them. The title itself, describes someone who explores the inner world of the psyche, either through drugs or meditation or other means of mind altering consciousness [Peter Carroll wrote a book titled Psychonaut, although McCoy, despite having an interest in chaos magic, denied he was aware of the book at the time he wrote the song.]

There is a passage in it [names] that I believe is either invoking the Watchers, or an Enochian prayer to Angels or even a Sumerian [deity] chant. I’m not sure but it could even be taunting the angel Raphael, as I hear the name Samyaza [Leader of the Watchers] in some renditions of it but not in others! I have asked Carl directly, hopefully, one day, he’ll reply and I will be a little wiser. I won’t hold my breath though! 😉

If all that wasn’t enough, what is also very impressive about Psychonaut is the song’s basis in sacred geometry. Unless it’s a pure coincidence, it’s based on the Golden Ratio, or Phi, 1.618. The ratio of 1 to 1.618 has been used to create many things, inc the Pyramids. Pearl Drums positions the air vents on some of its models based on the golden ratio. More information on music and the GR can be found via this link

The subtle Messages within Sumerland & Love Under Will

In Sumerland, the band creates a truly complex and hypnotic journey intended to wake our inner angelic beings into consciousness:

The sleepers in you
Shapes of angels so deep within you
Feel your soul drowning
Unloosen your soul

Fields of the Nephilim had a live album titled Earth Inferno which shares its name with a book of the same name by Austin Osman Spare. In Spare’s Death Posture from The Book of Pleasure [Self-Love] Psychology of Ecstasy, the body is sent into a deathlike trance, either through sexual exhaustion, hypnosis or smothering (the latter being a practice hinted at in another Fields of the Nephilim song, the Crowleyesque titled Love Under Will

I need to be alone tonight
Smother me or suffer
Lay down I’ll die tonight
Smother me or suffer

These subtle nuances show just how complex a character Carl is, they also give a much deeper and personal understanding of him as a person, the complexities of his writing show a highly articulate and gifted individual.

Enjoy these 7 different versions of Psychonaut! Apparently, there is a 20 minute version of Psychonaut sitting around, it has never been released, I think that’s sad. Someone needs to get their finger outta their asses and get it out there!

Lib I
Lib II
Lib IV
Demo Version
Live 1990
Live 2008

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