About the Site Author

I have liked the FOTN since early 1987. I’m 4 years younger or older than Carl McCoy. I saw them countless times, during the 80’s and 90’s.

After all those years, they remain my favourite band. I’ve been married and divorced, never had kids, but never regretted [I was having too much fun to procreate] my decision. I’ve beaten cancer and come out the other side, however; after years of remission, I found out that the treatment I had all those years ago [cyclophosphamide & doxorubicin] has damaged my heart, so I am forced to live life at a slower pace. I’m now on my own [I genuinely like my own company and the solitude being on my own brings, although I do get along fine with people, I don’t necessarily have to like them!] but share my life with my 2 large beautiful dogs. I live in a very rural spot in the Weald of Kent.

I create digital art under the name Curious Crow, using Photoshop, it’s not “real” art [brush, paints or pencil] but I like using colour and think I have a very good eye for it, I did some art of/for an ex-SAS soldier who featured in the TV series SAS Who Dares Wins, he provided the pics and I gave him the prints [one thumbnail size is featured below] I created to use for his veterans charity for auction or for use in advertising, such as t-shirts, mugs etc.

I sold several images privately a few years back, so I can’t be all that bad! I also have a bit of a passion for WWII German history, and have had some written work published in the biography of a soldier of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte .

In the 80’s and 90’s I worked as an Autopsy Technician running a very busy London Teaching Hospital mortuary before moving on to Coroners work in Kent. When working in London I would occasionally crash out in my mortuary [true] for the night before catching a morning train back to Kent [if it was a weekend] after a Fields gig. Sadly, I was on-call often and it sometimes interfered with my social life; meaning I couldn’t get to some gigs!

As for my Goth roots, I’m not sure I had any. I’ve always worn black but with a little white thrown in, my shoulder length dark hair has now been replaced by seriously short 1½” platinum blonde and my beloved pointed black ankle boots have been replaced by something a little more sensible but still edgy looking! I was more into the biker scene in the 80’s and 90’s than goth. I sometimes believe I am stuck in an 80’s time-warp, where time has either slowed a lot or simply stopped, as very little has changed. I am told I look 10+yrs younger than I am, so maybe time did slow! I still smoke, [cigarettes aren’t the killer the anti-smoking campaigners & GP’s would like you to believe they are, what is a killer is the other shit they saturate your body with; such as chemotherapy drugs and annual flu jabs] and I guess I’m still a bit wild, but these days my recreational use of cocaineamphetamine sulphate and the San Miguel I drank in large quantities has been replaced by a healthier [but dull] lifestyle.

Currently, I am considering writing a book about my life [which has been most colourful] and my experiences. I’ve started scribbling things down on random bits of paper, if I don’t try to do it, all those memories will be lost forever. Having a fucked up heart [that requires help with daily medication to make it continue to work] is definitely a daily reminder of my mortality. I guess I’m a bit like a cat with 9 lives, I think I’ve got through 5 or 6 of them! It helps that I’m tough; always manage to get back on my feet after being knocked down, so I will continue to kick the Azrael’s ass, because I’m not ready to pass from this world just yet!