My Story:

My interest in the world of the occult started [I guess] when I was about 12 or 13yrs old. I was out walking and came across a large brown suitcase in a stream, I ventured in and pulled it out, somehow I managed to get it open and inside was about 11 books on the Occult by Dennis Wheatley in Hardback! Most were quite dry [couldn’t have been in water for very long] so I smuggled them home. It was kind of quite surreal really! I do remember reading at least 3 of them.

Many years later, in the early 80’s I got interested in the Israel Regardie System of Magick but it was very complex, probably too much for my butterfly mind at the time, although I stuck with it for a few years.

I have had some very interesting things occur that, as a amateur practitioner, made me a believer in mysticism and the supernatural. I was once [2008-2011] very close to a Buddhist [from Myanmar] who helped me understand my spiritual journey. I may not dabble much anymore but I still keep a healthy interest; my beliefs have become a much more personal thing now, and something that I don’t really share too much about. I think it’s up to each individual to choose their own direction and path, other people’s experiences can tarnish what should be a personal journey of self-discovery. I’m sure my reader will get a clue as to what my belief system might be but I can state categorically that I am not a follower of Crowley, I do think he was a man born in the wrong time and was very misunderstood. Misunderstanding leads to fear and fear to myth!

I’m a bit of a amateur Geologist these days. I have quite a large collection of Mineral rocks and Native elements, I even have some Uranium. I have been collecting minerals for more than 30 years now. I use them for mindfulness, their grounding abilities, healing and simply enjoy them for their natural unique beauty.