Paul Wright

I contacted Paul to ask about equipment he used [I know one was a Tennessee Red Electric Acoustic] in FOTN and he asked me to add him as a friend on social media, I did that and we started chatting. Sadly, when I mentioned FOTN he blocked me! I really have no idea why he reacted so strongly about that phase of his musical career! All I asked was about the guitars he used in the band, guessing there are anger issues that cut deeply there somewhere. I think he has moved on and now wants nothing to do with the band, future or past! I can tell you, he has stopped travelling to gigs due to age.

SOLD!! Selling this because it is too large for me.

Sigil Of Lucifer for sale £9.00 inc PP paypal only please ask for more details

Pendant is 37mm x 29.4mm includes 60cm chain in Ion Plated Gold [The ion plating process creates a durable and genuine gold finish and means it doesn’t tarnish easily and lasts for many years]


Bastards, I did not want that reminder! 😂🤣

At least Nephilim Official has a sense of humour!

I Need To Be Alone Tonight?

Is Carl McCoy a bit of a tortured soul? Yes, he probably is. A man who shuts out the rest of the world to create his art and/or music in a darkened room, a man who describes himself as “difficult” and “not nice to be around sometimes.” I think he is being a little harsh on himself. I don’t see this as being a difficult person, I see – a gifted man who craves less distraction and someone who needs his personal space to grow, be creative and unwind – maybe? People with talent, gifted people like McCoy, often carry excess baggage, but is there a clear relationship between artistic creativity and psychological distress/anxiety? If the gifted artist is profoundly sensitive to the moods of the people [and life events] in their lives, they may resonate to their surroundings at an unconscious and deeply emotive level. We their fans, just need to be aware of their natural gifts and be appreciative and grateful for them being in our lives. They entertain us, share with us, stimulate and captivate us. Their work enriches our lives, we need to thank them for that. So, thank you Carl McCoy, thanks also go to all members of your band [past and present] who have helped you bring your creativity to life and, into ours.

Turn It Up!

Fallen: I know there was some debate about this album; released without the band’s permission. An assembly of demos thrown together with the already released [but with an edgier slant ] “Darkcell” and “Trees“. Fallen was the first new Fields Of The Nephilim album since Zoon was released in 1996 by The Nefilim. Two tracks are phenomenal, From The Fire and Subsanity, Hollow Doll is a solid track. All of the new material here had the potential of being sensational. Carl’s feral growling voice has never sounded so strong. I know McCoy didn’t approve of the release of this album but fans want everything they can get their hands on and Fallen fits the bill and fills the void, I really like it.

The Way That We Were

Is it time for McCoy to call it a day and concentrate on other projects? I know he enjoys the ceremony of performing live [it’s very important to him and is also an emotional outlet] and that record sales alone are nowhere near as profitable as with touring, but in the earlier photos [and performances] I am looking at McCoy and Co enjoying themselves, back then things were exciting for them and touring was, more often than not, a scream. In those days there was laughter because what they were doing was new, exciting and fun, they enjoyed what they did. I am glad I saw the Neph when I did and I am also pleased that I stopped seeing them when I did. [Although, I would have loved to have been at Shepherds Bush in 2008] I have such great memories of the late 80’s and early 90’s [yes, I guess I am still living in the past!] and they are memories that will never fade. Maybe he will stop while he still has fond memories? Having said all this, I do applaud him for still being out there, he’s an absolute fucking Legend. 🙂

If Looks Could Kill

That other worldly, ethereal look with the lenses is great on McCoy but why oh why are others wearing them on-stage? It looks utterly puerile!

You’ve Gone Too Far

I read a music review that said “McCoy is inarticulate”. That’s a bit rich coming from a nobody! I mean, really?! Inarticulate he is definitely not. Saw another post saying he came across as very inarticulate in an interview [the person saw]…written by another nobody on a forum

Well I’ve seen

I couldn’t help but notice the Pentagram on his tooth [it could be a veneer] here in Penetration. Note: he was also wearing it at a live gig in 1990


Nod Wright is a much better drummer than that other chap McCoy uses whose drumming sounds tired and laboured!


I’ve seen people asking on the internet about the word Nacoaler. It represents [numerical value] the number 9 in Chaldean Numerology.

Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes! [Chord Of Souls]

I do recommend the use of coloured lenses, they’re fun. I don’t think there’s an age limit to use them, the image below is me wearing my Azul colour lenses. I have had some very positive comments when wearing the Azul. I intend to get many more colours. I use them because I got bored with my [I have hazel eyes] look after so many years! I bought the Azul [Azure Blue, it looks stunning, I love the Azul] and the Icy Grey Hidrocor lenses some time ago, the Azul look amazing. The Topazio and Icy Grey make me look like a zombie, I don’t like them. Recently bought the Ochre [see image below] and they’re gorgeous. I will stick with the Azul [but will try the Ochre Natural soon, see above and below, just got them] I love the lenses. Hidrocor FreshGo are not particularly expensive [they’re for 12 month use; making them even more affordable!] Hidrocor are kind to your eyes, no irritation whilst wearing them, I have even fallen asleep when wearing them with no problems, no watery eyes or irritation or movement.

I love this colour! Hidrocor Azul [Azure Blue] close up
The Azul under bright light
Hidrocor Ochre natural look, the Ochre looks so pretty, very soft but very attractive
Ochre with Halloween makeup for all you Goths!
Mad Eye! The Icy Grey up close, they look better than this, too much reflection on the lenses

Hey Goths!

Looking for great eye makeup? Don’t look anywhere other than Chanel Ombre Premiere in Carbon #20. It is very dark and stays on all day, doesn’t smudge or melt/move, I have always worn dark eye makeup, this is by far the best, it’s gorgeous, I highlight it with Lancome Dual Finish illuminating highlighter in Luminous Gold #02.

This is your website owner. My hair is platinum blonde now but after posting this pic, I may switch back!