Some of the trivia here may be incorrect

UNCERTAIN: McCoy has a god son called Jack

TRUE: Requiem [Le Veilleur Silencieux] Le Veilleur Silencieux in English means The Silent Watchman.

TRUE: Vet for the Insane appeared in the episode Death and the Lady of the American series Miami Vice.

TRUE: Other than being creative musically and artistically, Carl McCoy‘s other passion is believed to be motorcycles.

TRUE: He [McCoy] is also rumoured to have been a qualified mechanic.

TRUE: Carl McCoy performed a cover of Iggy Pop‘s “The Passenger” in October and December of 1990 and bootleg recordings of this performance are in existence. [NOTE: I am sure I remember him singing this once]

TRUE: Robert Plant, of Led Zeppelin, has been quoted as saying that he’s a big fan of the Fields Of The Nephilim. Carl McCoy: “I met Robert Plant years ago, and he said: “Keep getting those bad reviews. It’s a good sign – we used to get that with Zeppelin.” That was good encouragement.”

TRUE: The song Psychonaut shares its title with the book by chaos magician Peter Carroll.

POSSIBLY TRUE: Johnny Depp is a big fan of the Fields [I can believe that this might be true] NOTE: Have found out for sure that Johnny Depp is a big spaghetti western and Sergio Leone fan so that makes the trivia here [and below] more credible.

UNSURE: McCoy was asked to play a role in one of the Pirates films alongside Johnny.