Indulge Me

For a moment… [NOTE: On Watchmen newsletter a Lynn S is credited for graphic design, I’m wrong…again! I’ll remove this page shortly, it will be published again [but ONLY] if I find that Lynn P has a middle name beginning with S!]

Carl is very coy [pun] about his partner, she has never been seen or photographed [unless you know something I don’t? And, if you do, please share] with him. Now, assuming that this person actually exists, how on earth is that possible over a span of [when the group was in its infancy] approximately 35 years? His partner probably deserves some sort of recognition, I can imagine it would not be easy living with the perfectionist that is Carl McCoy!

Let us say that the lady does exist, he has daughters so has procreated with someone. But who? It must also be considered that not everyone who has children co-exists with the other party.

On the other hand, let’s say she does not exist, that she was conjured up as some kind of protection amulet from over amorous fans? When younger, McCoy was a perfectly beautiful specimen, he could have had literally any girl he chose to. Being such a shy individual [with strangers] is it any wonder that he might want some sort of invisible line of defence from the sexual advances of all those adoring ladies that attended gigs? And, summoning up a partner was just the ticket?

But, if she does exist, who can she be? Who is the Lynn often referred to?

My best guess would be a lady who [similar to McCoy] had a tough religious upbringing in a strict Mormon setting, a lady who rebelled [like McCoy] and chose [as an adult, like CM] an altogether different path. An elder Goth with a penchant for wearing hats [like CM] and novelist of the mystical and occult. A woman who is as elusive about her relationship [private life] as McCoy is, a lady who has written a book on the Fallen Ones yet does not refer to them anywhere as Nephilim [maybe trying not to get folks to put 2 x 2 together?] Yes, I am talking about a Lynn

Lynn Picknett to be precise. Born in Kent, Lynn grew up [in a supposedly haunted house, like CM] in York and now lives in South London. She has a business partner [fellow Author and Researcher, Clive Prince] but they are not an item.

Lynn Picknett

Why Lynn Picknett? I don’t really know, I just feel like this lady could be McCoy’s partner. I think she ticks almost all the boxes. She is very private about her personal life too. If she is indeed his partner then I think that’s great, [I have a lot of time for her] she is a bit of an eccentric but she’s also intelligent, witty and stylish.

Furthermore; when FOTN started performing early in the middle and late 80’s [and 90’s] there was; more often than not, a lady approximately 15/20yrs his senior who was often in [hanging around] attendance, almost like a Spiritual/Mystical Guru of sorts? Lynn Picknett is 74 now and Carl 58 – the age gap works! They also happen to have some good friends in common.

I know about Lynn P from mystical and occult documentaries she has featured in, I have also been reading one of her books: The Secret History of Lucifer.

I just wonder if my premise has any truth to it, I’m sure we’d all be interested to see the mysterious Lynn [whoever she may be] with her partner one day.

I could be totally wrong, and maybe if they ever get to read this they might even crease up laughing at it!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this hypothesis, so feel free to comment