Considered to be the Fields hardcore fans some of us were dubbed as the “Bonanzas” [although I hated the term, and didn’t hang around much with the other bonanza’s because most of them were male, as a female, I kind of enjoyed the attention in a warped way] I think the reason for the term was simply because some of us dressed in Western theme attire and because of our regular appearances at the gigs. I dressed in black jeans, black pointed faux reptile skin leather boots, a leather jacket that was falling apart, braces combined with an oversized white granddad shirt and of course all decked out with a very generous dusting of self-raising! I witnessed Bonanza’s doing some of the most mental stuff I had ever seen at a gig, I won’t forget the very tall and very precarious looking living pyramid of sweaty bodies, it was very shaky! I wouldn’t have liked to be the one at the top! But again, it was great times