Adam Darski and McCoy

These two have a connection, a bond that probably goes beyond music

All text and images were taken from Adam’s FB page

Carl McCoy and Adam “Nergal” Darski from Behemoth

Adam “Nergal” Darski

2nd February 2014

Carl McCoy (Fields Of The Nephilim) and me…in Progresja Club in Warsaw last nite.

“When the moment’s right
Only moments rise
For the lesser blessed
It’s all promises
When the daughters rise
From their comas rise
For a lesser blessed
It seems honest here”

Adam “Nergal” Darski

3rd November 2015

December 17th. It is a celebration day in my personal calendar, you know? That’s why I often say my birthday’s twice a year;)…
It was exactly 5 years ago where I was sitting in my hospital isolation ward waiting for bone marrow delivery. Due to harsh weather conditions the dealer has been delayed. I remember I was wearing WATAIN shirt on that day. And I was excited yet calm and relaxed. I kinda felt it’s all going to be just fine. The intuition. The deep inner voice. You name it. I just had this self-confidence and felt no fear whatsoever. My mindset was set for unconditional victory. Five months of relentless chemo, TBI, steroids and strict diet did the trick. I was soooo ready. The transplant went smooth as it took maybe 1.5h to get fully injected and after that, it took 2-3 weeks for my body to absorb my “twin brother’s” DNA. My organism welcomed him warmly and in mid January I was released from the hospital. My recovering had pretty impressive tempo but I was far from feeling OK. Rob Fergusson, Fields Of The Nephilim manager sent me a message about Fields one off show in Poland, in April. I knew I couldn’t miss it. And then, this idea we had before came back to my head. MAYBE I could join McCoy & Co. on stage? The question was my ability to perform: sing, scream plus all the physical work that it requires. I had billion of doubts but again, my intuition told me to go, and at least give it a try. I had nothing to lose. And the concept of joining my all time favourite band on stage was beyond tempting. I drove throughout the country to make it to the show. I sensed it has more than entertainment value to me… it was somehow metaphysical, tho I know it may sound pathetic. Me and Carl sat together by the bar one hour prior to the show to discuss our parts. Again, instinctively I marked verses I wanted to sing and he just accepted it. I was all trembling and nervous… I was taking a piss like 10 times before he called me up on stage. It’s not very often you hear McCoy talk in between the songs yet this time he made an introduction to that song and called me… a friend. I entered the stage to unleash this earth inferno. My legs were shaking and mouth… well, I suffered from several post-transplant afflictions but the worst was this very uncomfortable condition that made my mouth dry out in a second after just saying few words. So before I even screamed out the first line, I was out of spit! Arm in arm with Carl McCoy and the the whole band, seeing frenzy and this strange kind of euphoria in people’s eyes made me do it. “Shining like gods, new body, new blood”… and it was while singing those words I felt MAGICK. Like it was all meant to be. Right man at the right place. Not quite in the best shape but what the hell! I felt so encouraged and motivated I can’t even described. The adrenaline did the job. I left the stage with a shield yet my organism paid the price the following night. I woke up around 2 or 3 am feeling totally sick. Diarrhea, fever, nausea, sleepless night. I was far away from home. There was nobody around me and I didn’t know what to do. I managed to get to my car early in the morning. Drove 80 km to Krakow stopping on a sideways as I felt I was about to collapse. I made it to a good friend of mine who was a doctor. I stayed at his place for another 2-3 with an EV injected in my veins trying to get better. Eventually I did.
And here I am, 5 years later. Nietzsche said “No victor believes in a chance” therefore I do not believe this show is happening on THAT day accidentally. I’m immensely privileged to be a part of it again, performing one of the best songs in their career, “Penetration”. I can’t think of celebrating my “second” birthday in a more epic way. I’m living my dream! Thursday, December 17th, 02 Academy Islington, London. Join us! It feels good to be alive…!

Adam Nergal Darski
30 May 2019

It was only 3 months after I was released from hospital after victorious 6 months long battle with leukemia. Noone of the doctors would give me a guarantee I can go back on stage and perform. You simply don’t know how your body would react… to me it was really ALL bout stage and music or nothing. If u r born for smth u take no fuckin’ compromises. Period. I was approached by my friend Rob, FOTN manager, to come and join the band for “Penetration” song we once covered with @behemothofficial. I couldn’t resist the offer. Even tho it felt like a falstart really I got my ass to beaten up Honda Civic and with a thrill of the unknown I drove across the country to meet one of my all time favorite bands ever… ON FUCKIN’ STAGE!!! I met Carl McCoy in the bar of the hotel he was staying in. We sat, chatted and divided a song verses between each other. I don’t remember when it was the last time I was that stage fright… I was literally paralyzed! Still I would run up there and spit it all out in the face of frenzy Silesian crowd who freaked out seeing me arm in arm with Carl. Coz of all the chemo etc I underwent in the hospital m my mouth mucosa would dry out easily and super fast… I was lacking spit after few words only… it felt like I could choke myself to death coz there was nothing to drink around on stage but there was no way I was leaving the position. I managed and I felt soooo reliefed after we were done. It was was like… yes, I think I can still do it tho the price for my belligerence was to be paid the same very nite. I got super sick, my body would react to the stress with massive diarrhea, fever and sleepless night. The next day half alive I drove to Krakow where I was hospitalized at my friend’s place. He’s a surgent doctor. I spent a couple of days in his living room with IV’s hanging off the lamp, naurishing my neglected organism with vitamins and other goodies. When I got better I moved to Warsaw for a business meeting… they wanted me in a new TV show called The Voice Of Poland but this is already another story…