Reading the Book Of Enoch and combining the lyrics has been quite an experience. Mourning Sun, despite being grossly over-produced [and lacking structure musically] vocally & lyrically is stunning. It gives a real candid insight into McCoy’s belief system

Raised By Wolves

Sky Atlantic is showing a SciFi series produced by Ridley Scott [Prometheus, and Alien Covenant] called Raised by Wolves it is based around The Book of Enoch, specifically The Book of the Watchers. It is available On Demand in the UK. It is really very good


All the pages below have been updated, some text removed or more added! Forgive me for the changes, I’m a f**king perfectionist you see! I write from the heart [at first] then tweak things as I go along.



The Wright Stuff

Digital Art

Art By Carl

Added new image page – “What Do You Think”

The Wright Bros

I intend to write some stuff about these brothers, both of them outstanding musicians and much ignored because we are all in the thrall of the enigmatic McCoy! 🤣